Rita M. Camp

Rita M. Camp

Hello, my name is Rita – I enjoy working in and around the home. I think making a home a healthy clean space inside and outside is important. I have enjoyed helping people achieve that goal. I enjoy working outside pretty well all year long. I have lived and worked on Vancouver Island since 1995, but I have been a South Western BC girl all my life, so I am used to our climate and weather conditions.

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My first jobs were to weed my one Grandmothers garden and mow my other Grandfathers lawn. My second real job was working with families through Vancouver Parks and Recreation as a gym coach. At my present age – after being a homemaker out of necessity, for several years – I find I still enjoy working with and for families young or old and everything in between.

The standard of workmanship I wish to convey to my clients is quality. I appreciate that families have a budget, and I can usually work with that in mind. My rates are fair and reasonable.

In closing, I love the feeling that what I did for my clients made their day. Whether I scrubbed down an exterior of someone’s home, power-washed their sidewalks or deck or merely cleaned a kitchen or bathroom. I complete dreaded chores that are long overdue or a chores that they could no longer do for themselves.

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Caring for Seniors I hope we can help make a difference in our community by helping serve our senior clients in the following ways. Some clients may need inside cleaning done weekly or bi-weekly. Some clients may need some exterior cleaning maintained ie. windows or vinyl siding etc. Some clients may need help in their yards with weeding flower beds or moving flower pots. Some repeat cleaning clients may have errands that need to be run: to the grocery store, drugstore or to a hardware store- we may be able to assist these clients in helping them accomplish these tasks. We hope to help our older families as well as our younger families. Supporting our senior clients was primarily why I created Little Momma’s…. in the first place. Thank you for your time reviewing my website. Sincerely Rita M. Camp owner/operator of Little Momma’s Homes and Gardens


For those clients who are wanting to sell their homes curb appeal plays a big part in how fast a property is sold. We would come over and give a one-hour paid consult and appraise simple affordable fix-ups. Most would likely include an exterior clean or power washing moss and mold off sidewalks and driveways. Some curb appeal refreshing would include cleaning up the yard. ie: trimming overgrown bushes and trees, or it may include exterior painting.



Depending on the weather, we can power wash year-round but generally, we like to power wash before watering restrictions. 

We power wash driveways and perimeter sidewalks.



We paint and repaint kitchen cabinets. We usually paint the doors in our own shop to minimize the odour and inconvenience to you. We can pick up the doors or you can drop them off at our shop. 

We have experience painting cabinetry for over 20 years. We have painted Oak, Maple, Melamine, Particle board, and glass. 

We use Benjamin Moore Paints for most of our projects. 

Here are a few images of the doors after they have been painted. The paint used was Benjamin Moore, Scuff-x, matte finish which gives the doors a soft sheen and is very hard-wearing and easy to wash. In our shop, we can even laquer doors.


We do seasonal garden clean-ups in spring and fall. We also do weeding in garden beds throughout the year. We can do the necessary gardening and yard cleanup to improve a home’s curb appeal to ready it for the market. We will do the fussy gardening the bigger gardening companies are not willing to do. For a reasonable fee, we will collect and we will remove garden waste to the recycling depot or dump.